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We believe in healthy, growing, productive and solid marriages and we believe that marriage, first - is ministry.  This covenant requires investment, understanding and communication in order to live it to the MAX and take it to the MAX! Marriage to the MAX is a ministry that exists to help couples discover their God-given purpose together as one, as purposed in God's Word.  We believe that marriage is the next chapter of fulfillment in one's life and can bring about other levels and dimensions of healing, deliverance and growth. Kingdom marriages are different...period.  But there is always room to take your marriage to the MAX! 


Our Apostle often says, “A man is the king, priest, and prophet of his home.” Kings & Priests men's ministry is an innovative and influential ministry for the men of the Harvest Tabernacle Church designed to acquire this crucial, kingdom mindset. Through this ministry, men are equipped and made confident in embracing their predestined roles as providers, leaders, and protectors. As a shepherd and spiritual father, Apostle Jennings personally cultivates our men to become their best selves. The intimate and confidential environment that Kings and Priests provides, assists in helping each man receive and share. In return, each man becomes capable of bridging life for their families and communities to serve and acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. 


Regardless of where life’s journey has taken you, it’s time to abide in the House of Naomi. Our women’s ministry was birthed out from Apostle Travis and Pastor Stephanie Jennings. Naomi’s House is for the women of the Harvest Tabernacle Church to understand and live life in divine destiny and purpose. Through spiritual impartation, fellowship and fun, Pastor Stephanie Jennings helps every woman to discover and embrace the will of God for their lives, their families, and their careers and walk in purpose. Naomi’s House helps to push each daughter to dream beyond their means and leap beyond limitations!


The Bible extols singles to care for the things of God, while in singleness.  This means out of everyone in a local ministry, singles should be the most apparent.  Maximizing Life Ministry (MLN) focuses on winning while waiting.  Helping singles to live their best life, discover purpose, activating into purpose, walking in purpose, achieving more, becoming more as a single person, while waiting for their mate.  Life in ministry and in Kingdom as a single is so much more and this ministry's goal is effective singleness. There is a ministry for various ages and statuses (millennials, divorcees and even windows) and all areas of life!  As Apostle Jennings often declares, "we're not giving the grave anything! We're going to MAXIMIZE OUR LIFE!"


Apostle Travis Jennings' vision for H.Y.P.E (Holy Young People Excelling) is to help our youth walk out salvation (through deliverance, healing, etc) and enhance their efforts of being everything that God has called them to be both spiritually and naturally. Through the H.Y.P.E Youth Ministry, we perpetually teach holiness to the young generation of believers. This is done so that they may know that within the edifice of God, there is no distinction of age. H.Y.P.E not only encourages our young people to excel in the Lord, but the ministry encourages the pursuit of individual destinies and futures. Through prayer, worship, scholastic achievements and fellowship with others, this ministry exemplifies the glory of the Lord before embarking on their college matriculation and future endeavors. The H.Y.P.E Youth Ministry continues to advance and set holy standards for their generation and the others to come.



  • Our Ecclesia (Pastors, Elders, Ministers, Deacons)

  • Prophets

  • Evangelists

  • Teachers

  • Intercessory 

  • Ministry of Helps (Administrative Ministries)​​ 

  • H.O.P.E Shelter Ministry

  • Media 

  • Worship and Performing Arts

  • TOUCH Ministry (Community Evangelism)

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