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Rich in a strong history, the Harvest Tabernacle church has a unique and specific assignment with a clear statement of faith. Our apostolic mandate is to 1) gather the end-time harvest and 2) train and equip believers to discover their potential, develop and then deploy them into their God-given destinies which is to rule and reign in ministry and in life - in the power of Jesus!  

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APostle travis Jennings,
Senior Leader

The Harvest Tabernacle church saved my life.  Growing up in the inner city of Atlanta, there were several times I almost gave up - I mean, I tried to give up. But God's call on my life on my life wouldn't allow me to.  In my despair, I knew there was work I had to do. There were books to write.  There were nations to reach. In my dilemma,  I knew there were spiritual sons and daughters who I'd not even met yet that were counting on my survival.  There was a family who was waiting for me.  Destiny had called name and in my darkness - God spoke. He imprinted the vision for a ministry that was the Harvest Tabernacle Church.

I am humbled to know that the ministry in which we've labored to build, by the grace of God, that has saved my life, has also impacted countless others across the globe.


I'm so honored to serve in God's house together with my wife and children with such strong leaders.     


Now, in this season of the AMAZING, I'm so excited about the next phase of ministry and where the Lord is taking us.  I love my church!

Pastor Stephanie Jennings,
executive pastor

When my husband first expressed to me the vision the Lord had given him concerning ministry, I'm going to be honest - I was scared! We were both young and had a young family.  All I knew was 1) I trusted God and 2) I trusted my husband.  I trusted the call of God upon my husband's life and just like Coretta Scott King said about Martin Luther King, I knew I not only married the man, but I married his vision.

I have literally matured with the Harvest Tabernacle church.  Like my daughters, both natural and spiritual, she's close to my heart.  I am humbled that God has entrusted us to create multigenerational legacy in the earth!  I am confident that we are entering into the next phase of maturity as a ministry and excited to be developing the next generation of leaders. It is such an honor to serve with my husband and all of the strong leaders at the greatest church on this side of Heaven!

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